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Leader in the Hemp Industry

Biodynamic Ventures is innovating hemp genetics and cultivation from CELL to SALE.  We are creating a standard of excellence and consistency in the hemp industry from the development of hemp genetics to the quality of hemp-derived products. 

Top-of-the-Line Proprietary Hemp Genetics

Our research and development team in hemp genetics have cultivated healthy strains of mother plants that can produce high levels of CBD with low levels of THC. Our proprietary genetics come from Colorado where hemp is grown organically by our master growers.                    

Resources and Technology

Biodynamic Ventures is equipped with the resources and technology to industrialize hemp, including expertise from our master growers, our vast network of farmers and agricultural organizations, testing and processing, extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes, and facilitation of several grow houses.

Testing, Quality and Compliance

We invested significant time working with Regulators in the State of Colorado, and the State of Indiana, to ensure that our policies, procedures and processes are at or above legally required standards on an ongoing basis. With respect to ensuring that our hemp products remain within the guidelines for Federal and State compliance, we actively test our products thoroughly. We intend to sample our products comprehensively, using accredited 3rd party laboratories, as follows: potency testing, processing, pesticide testing, pathogen testing, and profile testing. 

Purdue University Connection

Biodynamic Ventures is licensed with Purdue University, one of the world's leading colleges of agricultural sciences, to research, grow, and handle hemp. We have doctors, lawyers, as well as farm and hemp organizations on our team who are strong advocates and supporters of our vision and mission for the hemp industry.

Helping Bring Jobs to the Market

Biodynamic Ventures has plans to build propagation, processing and laboratory facilities throughout the state to meet the growing demand of hemp products and by-products.  We want to ensure that farmers have a market for their biomass. Initially, BDV is hiring 30-40 workers to tend to the plants in the propagation facility, with a focus on veterans and women in hemp.  BDV is projecting 250 new jobs upon completion of all five facilities.

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